Is Gardening Your Next Hobby?

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Do you love spending time outdoors? Do you enjoy being in beautiful surroundings? Do you prefer eating healthy foods? If so, make gardening your new hobby.

Gardening improves our wellbeing in many ways. It increases our productivity and decreases our anxiety. Whether it’s planting new flowerbeds, nurturing an allotment or just tending to your indoor plants, gardening can have a vital impact for both the mind and body.

The health benefits of outdoor gardening range from increased nutrients in your diet to staving off chronic diseases.

In the past, I haven’t really done that much gardening. I didn’t think I could participate much because I didn’t have any knowledge of gardening and growing plants and vegetables.

The size of your garden doesn’t matter. It’s your gardening skills that will give you the thriving plants.

I soon realized that I could definitely do gardening! Lack of knowledge was not a barrier. You can find lots of information from books and online. And its fun to experiment and find practical solutions.

I have enjoyed gardening so much that it’s become my new hobby. Simplicity and purity of cultivation are what I love.

Garden adds beauty

My obsession with gardening began when I recognized how much it added to the beauty and feeling of my yard. Gardening made my yard and home seem so much cared for. Gardens create a difference in the look and feel of any property.

One of the most peaceful and relaxing things I can think nowadays is gardening plants and vegetables. At the end of a stressful workday, there is nothing I’d instead do than spend some time in my garden.

Now I’m looking for better ways to grow certain pleasing flowers, and I’m trying to find the best time to plant my vegetables. I began gardening with the purpose of only planting flowers and bushes. After some time I wanted to try to plant my own vegetables. Now we can browse through the vegetable garden and pick the best bits to accompany our meals.

Start small

If you find yourself interested in gardening, start by talking with a friend who loves to garden. You can also find inspiring books, like Square Foot Gardening, from library or bookstore and learn all you can about gardening.

One of the things to avoid when starting out your gardening hobby is to burden yourself to a garden that takes too much time.

Start with a small garden. There is much to learn, but it is relatively easy to pick up if you have some extra time and money to devote. As you learn more, you can expand it later.

Garden doesn’t need to be huge and hold tons of plants to be productive. Not everyone has the space for a big garden. As long as there’s access to sunlight, you can grow plants in a small area.

Gardens can be grown in many places – in a small spot of ground on your backyard or in planting pots outside your front door. The size of your garden doesn’t matter. It’s your gardening skills that will give you the thriving plants.

You’ll need to study the plants you want to grow in your plot. Find out what scrubs can be planted near each other and which ones need the most sunlight. Also check and store the care instructions of a plant.

Where to begin?

Start by looking around your yard. Check which areas get a lot of sunlight. Check also which areas have sun for part of the day., and which are shaded. Also, plants don’t like if they get too much or too little water, so remark which places dry out very fast, and which tend to be damp. Use this knowledge to choose the site of your new garden and get the right kind of plants for that location.

Before you purchase the plants, you need to prepare the lot. Loosen the soil with a garden fork or a shovel. Go six to eight inches deep, and add some inches of compost to it.

Vegetables, fruits and herbs usually grow best in raised beds. Beds are built up four to six inches above the ground. Most flowers blossom in raised beds, too. Plants never sit in water, as the soil in raised beds dries quickly.

You can build a raised bed by adding a lot of organic matter to the soil and fluffing up the ground with a garden fork, then raking soil from the areas that will be paths up onto the beds.

Many gardeners nowadays like to surround their raised beds in wooden or plastic frames, others just mound up the soil.

Hobby that makes you healthier and less stressed

Think seriously about making gardening a part of your home and hobbies. It brings beauty, peace, and food all at the same time.

Gardening is a joyful and relaxing way to get in touch with nature. A study has found that those who garden are more healthy and less stressed. Plus, they get to eat the delicious vegetables, fruits, and herbs that they grow.

What I love about gardening is learning new things all the time and getting to be creative and active in many ways. Seeing the progress in your garden makes you feel like you’ve achieved something really great!

It is a very relaxing experience every time I go out to the garden. I don’t ever want to miss a day of gardening.

It has been a pure joy to be involved in gardening, and I feel blessed to share my enthusiasm for improving the lives of others.

So, grab your gardening tools and get in the dirt! Happy gardening everyone!

Looking forward to more fun in 2019!